You think you know? (Part 1)

It’s easy to talk about making the most of your circumstances when your world stands raised up high on the pedestal of privilege.

It’s a beautiful song of freedom hearing them sing about life not being about the hand you were dealt, but rather,how you play your cards.

If your circumstances had absolutely no bearing on the status quo then I guess I’d see folk from wealthy backgrounds ,with a personality of a brick, experiencing the same struggles of folk that possess limited resources, bucket loads of enterprise and charismatic charm. It doesn’t quite work that way though, does it?

It’s true that nothing in this life is given, “nothing for mahala baba!”. What is life but a constant battle. This is the jungle – you gotta fight hard for what you want and ten times harder to keep it. Some people gotta move mountains, some gotta break down walls and some simply gotta walk through open doors. There’s reason why we look up to public figures with a tough past who defied all odds to rise up and achieve their goals, exceed people’s expectations of them… Just like the rose that grew from the concrete. Struggle exudes its own sorta beauty and exposes beautiful gems for what they really are. Sometimes you have no clue what strength lies within you until fighting is the only choice you have. Fighting to do better, be better, to excel.

I think of this country I live in and how many people choose to either ignore our history (spitting in the face of the freedom fighters that struggled for a better South Africa) or simply sweep the apartheid under the rug like that shit never even happened. Well, if you believe that racism doesn’t exist here then you’re sheltered or living in a fool’s paradise. The point I’m getting at is that the injustices of the past were never rectified. How do you turn around decades of holding back a nation, wealth that’s been stripped from the land (and the people)? BEE means nothing if most of the countries wealth is still held by a minority.



And there you were, trying to keep your head up above water whilst this world kept swallowing you in. Trying to end the world’s slaughter when you were actually dying within.
Hate seeing you forgive the whole world but forgetting about yourself. A Discarded material, as I see you isolated on that shelf.
You save everyone, but who saves you? no beacon of hope, no rope to cling to.
They say you are stuck, “just evolve with the times!!”. Then why is it that you suffer for your father’s crimes?
Seems like everyone is a judge in the world of the decrepit and depraved. They put you in a box and your mind they enslaved.
Plagued by darkness, blinded by rage. Anything beats being trapped in that cage.
– Moosa Mayet

Self realisation. Who are we? How did we get here? And who made us so perfect? 

Below is an interesting poetic piece I came across which is both thought provoking and true. It is these very questions that we all have as human beings, an innate urge to find out what our true purpose is. The truth is everywhere around us, if only we can open our eyes and see. Though, to be cured from this blindness we suffer from, our hearts and minds need to be opened first.

“You see, what a life, what a life!

The first period of our life is ignorance

So, I guess we have an excuse to live day by day with no purpose

But surely with age comes intelligence

So, we should reach a stage where we find reason for our existence

As youth, the world was a playground, we’re just tryna have fun

As adults, the world turns to trade and pounds, we’re just tryna earn funds

Victims of our environment, enemies of our government filled with hate and no hope

And those in the states- they can’t cope when those across the road have got loads

The only thing in common is the goals, happiness, everyone just wants to be happy

Living this lifestyle of luxury

But does materials equal success? is she getting the peace from these new shoes and a dress?

And does he really feel complete with a new car and a Rolex?

Or are we searching for happiness in the wrong places?

Instead of looking at hearts were looking at faces

Victims of ignorance, slaves of our desires

We wanna end this world with a smile on our face but don’t live the life that’s required

Are we people of different standards, classes or nations? or are we humble, equal people, children of Adam?

Do you shake the owner of the restaurants hand with the same hand you shake the hand of the man that’s attending the toilets?

Or do you look down on those below you because they got less?

We’re hopeless if we don’t start thinking outside the box

And the one who created this world really deserves a lot

You see we praise the mind that invented the aeroplane

But we forget about the mind that invented the mind

And in time we shall know the truth

And we praise the people that stood for something, that fought for freedom …we love those people

Well if we love those people, why do we still live like animals?

Working all week so we can party on the weekend, working all winter so we can party all summer?

The cycle goes round and round and round but the clocks ticking down and down and down

One can only go round the same roundabout for so long

There comes a stage where you have to choose your exit and find your way home

You see we’re attracted to the wrong things and we cry about the trouble it brings

The more people you make happy the happier you will be

If that’s the case why do we only care about we? “

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is not as primitive of a treatment as people tend to think. It’s a tried and tested method of treatment from ancient times and it actually works. I’ve seen many changes in my body occur from the time I commenced Cupping therapy. Happy healing 🙂

Discovering Your Happiness

Good morning lovely people – happy Friyay (It’s Friday here in Sydney, Australia)

I am sitting at my work desk, just had my morning oats w/ blueberries, strawberries & banana 🙂IMG_7518

Last night, I went & got my nails done (I get shellac put on them every 2 weeks) I enjoy getting my nails done, gives me that little time to zone out & get pampered 🙂

After I got my nails done, I went to get my 3rd session if cupping therapy done.


Cupping therapy is a Chinese medicine, that I find is very beneficial for myself. (However, each to their own)

Cupping therapy works to remove the toxins, impurities, dead cells and lymph, and other debris from the body. It can also eliminate disease-causing pathogens. As blood circulation in the body improves, the cells receive a fresh infusion of blood that is rich with oxygen and nutrients…

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A New World order: How twisted ideals are shaping our world and conditioning the next generation of sheep

I recently made a trip to Moscow, Russia, to participate in the Street Workout National Championships where I had the honour of representing my country in a sport I’m deeply passionate about. In addition to it being an adventure and learning experience, for a change I found myself having some down time, aloof from the stresses of daily life and the responsibilities back home. I used this time to clear my head, to gain some clarity, to do some self-reflection and , in general, to just question the plight of this spinning sphere we’re standing on. You can easily dismiss yourself from situations and nullify external influences in life but the same doesn’t hold true when it comes to the thoughts that run wild in your head. Try to run, but you can’t run from yourself!

(Pictured above: Taking a tour through Red Square with my trusty backpack)

I often wonder about this world we live in, nothing seems to make sense. Material possessions are held in the highest esteem and, strangely enough, your value is based on what you have rather than your qualities. People have made money their Lord and utilise people as a means to an end. Do the right thing or try to make positive changes, and you will be considered strange, an outcast and often ridiculed by those who don’t understand you. Blend in and portray a superficial image, be fake, be selfish (every man for himself) and nobody bets an eye. This twisted sense of reality is nauseating….celebrating/respecting men who behave more like women and women detesting the very qualities in them that we respected from the beginning of time. The liars are called truthful and the truthful are called liars. Speak the truth, be straightforward and you will be hated because people would rather have you lie to them beautifully. Indeed, a promise is a comfort to a fool. Deception has become the norm and falsehood is the order of the day. Everything we do is motivated by love. Even fear and hate are born of love, so be careful what you love 👌✌ .

(Gorky Park, Moscow City, Russia)

The captivating scenery pictured above is from the well-known Gorky Park which runs along the Moscow river and encompasses a large area of land, containing everything from beautiful flora and pathed forrests to an indoor soccer complex and training facility. All of that aside, it had an overall relaxed atmosphere with positive vibes.

Try as I might, I still couldn’t help but think of the people back home (Johannesburg, South Africa) where many issues seem to plague the country. Poverty is rife and rears its ugly head on every corner, the crime rate is amongst the highest in the world and nobody feels safe , and decent employment and education is but a luxury. And we have a government that would much rather ignore the problems, misappropriate funds, committing daylight robbery against its people by blatantly stealing from the ones who need it most. I guess that’s just a common theme in this world, in life. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It’s always those at the lowest spectrum of society that suffer most. They punish those who ask questions, and those who possess, steal from those without possessions.

“You can easily tell the character of a man by the way he treats those who can do nothing for him”

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with the world as i see it ,or people, for that matter. Well, its simply that people give to receive. They don’t like to “help” if they don’t see any personal gain in it. This is just a common theme with people in your life if you see it on a smaller scale. Their level of respect for you is based on what you can either do for them or their image. In that sense, even the blessings and goodness of charity is lost. It’s frustrating living in a world where people are so self driven and their greed has dehumanized them.

Though the world is filled with so much darkness, best believe that the almighty has blessed people with light in their hearts. There will always be those people who don’t blindly follow the rules that society has set for themselves. The ones who don’t give a Damn about image, the servants of justice, advocates of the truth. The ones who are raw, real, genuine. The ones who say what they mean and mean what they say. Those that are both free from judgement and immune to it at the same time. By being themselves, they unconsciously allow those around them to be too. In this superficial, fake ass world…This may seem impossible but there ARE such people out there. Those are the priceless jewels of life. If you are lucky to find just one of these people in your life, hold onto them because they are products of a dying breed. These are the true soldiers and their mere existence is a rebellion against the New world order!


I am a Street Workout and Calisthenics Athlete, Lawyer and full-time dreamer. Uncovering my world one day at a time through my misunderstood & complex mind. Take this journey with me as I explore the world, while sharing my thoughts and experiences.

The road to enlightenment is not an easy one but one that must be travelled, nonetheless, by anyone in search of something more. In essence, I want what most of us crave…to be a free man amidst the enslaved & inner peace beyond comprehension.

Join me in the dark and beautiful corners of my mind as I try to understand the world we live in, whilst pursuing my passions in an unrelenting and unique way. Saddle up and let’s get this party. started. Much awaits.

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