Respect for the elderly

In a world of democracy, equality & freedom you would expect a certain level of respect for all beings. They say we are all created equal, but that isn’t the way we necessarily treat each other. We hear it all the time, “Respect is earned”. Well, I don’t agree with statement at all. I strongly believe that each person should be given respect until such time that their actions & behaviour warrants otherwise. Besides, being respectful and courteous says more about YOU as a person than the people you engage with.

Today we flout our civility & progressiveness, feeling as if we are beyond our tarnished histories of savagery and brutality. Though, with certain values it seems as though we are regressing. As time went on we have become arrogant, self-absorbed & condescending to a level where we don’t have any regard for the seniors. The old among us are not shown the same level of respect that they would have been shown of, lets say, a hundred years ago. I wonder why that is. It is particularly disheartening since it is the old among us that can teach us the greatest lessons, they can teach us valuable life lessons coupled with wisdom which can only be learnt by life experiences. Their roles in our lives are greatly undermined – we ignore them, not give them their due respect and view them as members of society whose roles are redundant. We fail to realise that they are the backbones of families, the pegs that keep families together and link us to our past. Sadly, we only feel the impact of their absence once they are no longer with us & unfortunately , by then, it is too late to do right by them. I feel that having old parents/grandparents is a gift from the almighty whereby an opportunity is given to you to gain his pleasure. How ,you ask? Simple, by serving them when they need you & giving them unparalleled respect & love until the end of their days. What would be a better farewell than that? There’s not much that the elderly ask of us – they just want to be heard, loved & respected.


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  1. Great post, my mother has terminal cancer basically. It´s just a matter of time, now with this confinement in Spain I can´t go to her house, but if anything happens to her suddenly. Because it is a day to day type of thing, you got to be prepared for the worst at any time. Yet at the same time you do have to block it and live your life. But in the worst case scenario that now I´m not taking care of her again because of the quarantine, I will cry and all that, but I know deep down that in her worst situations I was there for her. Going back to what you wrote now, I missed that opportunity with my uncle (may he rest in peace) but is not going to happen with my mother.
    Great powerful and true post.
    A pleasure to meet you Mayet


    1. I am sorry to hear about your mothers health. You should feel really good about about being there for her in those difficult times. Sometimes circumstances make it difficult or impossible to do the things we want to do in our our hearts. I pray that your mums pain is eased, she is lucky to have a son like you. This quarantine has certainly made things difficult for a lot of us – I too find myself in strict lockdown in my country. Its great to meet you and hope to hear from you again


      1. Very much appreciate the comment, my mother is the strongest woman I know, and not saying it because I´m her son. People will actually call her (and this does piss me off) and cry about the virus and she acting as their psychologist…. If I have done anything right in my life is having take care of her in the worst of circumstances. And it will become worst, as me and my father were talking alone we said that her situation can change from one day to another in a second so let´s be mentally prepared for it. Now I can only call her, make sure her tone of voice is good she has her spirits up, and after a brief conversation about just BS things she doesn´t want no cry babies, I hang up and up I go….. to writing my GREAT novel, and reading you people and learning from you humans in wordpress.
        I guess my point is that I am complete. For the fact that I know that even if I have screwed my life I know for a fact I have in several circumstances saved my mothers life. That 10% lets say of my life surpasses the other 90% screw ups. I am complete.
        What a comment….
        Very nice to read you by the way

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      2. Some people are just selfish pricks who only think of themselves. Fuck them bro and keep doing you, and whatever you need to do for your family. They are the ones who matter most. Just remember that people can never be the judge of us and their opinions of us just doesn’t matter. Before people point fingers, they should make sure their hands are clean. Keep the spirits high bro!


      3. Appreciate the comment, I´m keeping the spirits high. Had to train the mind a lot for this one. In all aspects. But your truly right on what you said, before pointing the finger they should wash their hands and family is number one. And even that faction can betray you so… Just don´t sweat it is my take on it. Hope for the best prepare for the worst.-Socrates quote 😉
        Take care appreciate the comment.


    1. So glad to hear that. It’s great to come across people who relish these sort of things and don’t consider it a burden. It’s more rare than you think in this day and age. I know that it’s not the easiest thing to do but trust me, it’s rewarding in more ways than you can imagine. What you put out into the world is what you will get back.

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