I know that the novel Corona virus or Covid-19 has become a hot topic on the lips of everyone – you simply can’t avoid it. The ubiquitous presence of this invisible, silent killer has the world running helter-skelter, or rather, confined withing the walls of their homes like prisoners. Fears of global economic collapse, overburdened health-care systems, starvation & the death of loved ones has brought the world to its knees with nobody really knowing what the future holds. Such fears have even driven some to extreme lengths. One particular incident which surfaced recently was the passing of Thomas Schaffer, the Finance Minister of Germany’s Hesse State who committed suicide due to him being “deeply worried“ over the crisis. He was actively involved in a scheme to provide financial assistance to distressed organisations and people. Apparently, he saw no way out of this perilous situation. Why is this so worrying to the masses as opposed to countless other despicable shit that goes on in the world on a daily?  I guess situations are more worrying when it affects more than just the poor, the weak, the outcasts, those that were accustomed to turmoil and heartache. That’s right, this virus doesn’t discriminate – your colour, creed or social standing mean nothing.


People are so concerned about the plight of our world and what the future holds that they find themselves constantly on the prowl for new information – probing & scouring the net for the latest reports and updates. Many do so with disregard and indiscriminately take in & spread whatever information they come across. At times, even ludicrous claims and scenarios which don’t even make the slightest bit of sense to any person with half a brain. Things so dumb and ridiculous, that even at face- value, it requires no investigation to determine that it’s total and utter bullshit. Funny enough, these are the same mother fuckers who are the self-proclaimed “experts” on the corona virus, the Whatsapp message forwarders, the Facebook complainers, modern-day kvetches, the doomsday preppers that bought out Aisles 1-3 at Checkers to have his neighbour returning home to his family without bare essentials. All you’ll hear is the same damn shit, “I’m so bored, I have nothing to do!”, “I don’t know what I’m going to do if I can’t go to gym”, “I miss take-outs so much”, “I’m going crazy being at home”. While you cry about your first-world problems there’s a man who worries how he will bring home the daily bread to feed his family, a woman watering down the milk to keep her household going for just that little bit longer, an essential worker who doesn’t even get to be with his/her family and is forced to turn down a warm hug from their little ones upon returning home, the health-care worker who lays his/her life on the line for others, a man who has no home to go to, sick people who don’t even have the comfort of their loved ones nearby for their last days on earth, that Argentine cab driver who fears his vehicle being repossessed or a person in the slums/ghettos/barrios/locations/favelas/shanties who can barely keep away from people due to overcrowding.

Stress levels are at an all-time high. How many new cases are we on? When will the lockdown end? When will we go back to work? What does this mean for the economy? Did you see the Rand-Dollar exchange rate? Whilst these are real and valid concerns, remember that we are human at the end of the day. Certain things are simply out of our control and only the almighty knows what lies ahead. It is our duty to play our part, be a little less selfish and look at the bigger picture.  I have a lot of broader questions that I could never quite wrap my head around. Like how do we spend 50 million Dollars on fighter-jets and still have kids starving? We are battling a disease with a relatively low mortality rate, but does the world even care about preventable things ACTUALLY killing people all over the world? How is it that we have a dominant 1% in the world holding so much wealth whilst millions worldwide live below the poverty line? How do animals get treated like royalty and held in the highest esteem whilst people are tortured, raped, sold into slavery/the sex trade like mere property? How do we have couples crying, praying for a child in their life whilst people out here throwing babies in the garbage?

monochrome photo of girl crying

Why the doom and gloom rhetoric all of a sudden? “We better kick our asses into gear and take steps or many people may die”. These sentiments being shared by many leaders the world over. Haha well not in those exact words but you get where I’m coming from. Okay I get it – the situation is bad; the world is sick and it’s falling apart… The world is sick alright – sicker than you think but not in the way you think!  Personally, I think that the world is suffering from a much worse disease, a disease of the heart, and its consequences are just as dire.  Each person is entitled to their opinion and I have mine.

With the current situation in the world, the dirtiness of our hearts and ugliness of humanity has certainly reared its head, with people charging exorbitant prices for essentials. The same communities that supported them year after year bear the brunt of commercialist greed, Employers forcing their workers to endanger their lives for the betterment of the business with threats of unemployment/retrenchment hanging over them, newly established opportunists buying out health-safety stocks only to outrageously mark-up prices. What the hell are we doing? When will we realise that we are all that we got?

This shit doesn’t surprise me in the least. Historically, the most unfortunate of situations bring out the worst in people. Its sad that the countries who have the most, rape and pillage countries of their resources, usually those with a struggling lower class. The love of power and world domination has fueled nothing but hatred, famine, war and destruction.

In the contest of the most deplorable human beings on earth we have some seriously strong contestants. Behind door number 1, we have the great American Warlord – whose likes include bomb raids on hospitals & civilian populations in the middle of the night, depriving minorities of their rights, denying basic health-care to his people and his absolute favourite, sending poor people to kill other poor people –  firing weapons that’s costs more than he makes in a year….gotta love him!  Behind door number 2 is the ever so lovely power-hungry Middle- Eastern Dictator. They call him Lion, but I guess Black-widow would be more apt. You can be this mans significant other and he will STILL bite your head off. His likes include hindering government aid & relief, starving his people to death, child murder, selling his people out, using chemical warfare and you guessed it… he loves bombing hospitals as well.  If you thought our last contestant was a gem, be prepared to be blown away (literally) by this absolute legend who will give you a master class in compassion & love. Behind door number 3 might just be your dream lover. This man will make himself quite at home and has no problem settling in to new environments. He comes from a long line of leaders that simply do what they do best. A culture that has been handed down from his predecessors and you’ll be amazed at how much he doesn’t give a fuck.  He can’t count for shit, but don’t let that deter you. All it means is that he won’t even know much money he steals. If you’re looking for your prince charming, an absolute piece of work who will make you false promises and sell you dreams – look no further. His likes include inciting violence, corruption, distracting people from his cunning ways, evading justice as well as living like a high-roller while his people suffer with the highest rates of poverty & unemployment. Isn’t that just beautiful? Lastly on our list of beautiful contestants and the second American entry on our prodigious list we have Mr. Burnt orange man himself. If you’re a super racist, right-wing supporter, Islamophobe or Ku Klux Klan member, you are going to love this guy. He hails from a country that’s built on the blood, sweat and tears of minorities. His likes include exploiting foreign minorities and turning on them when they are most in need, building walls to keep them out (guess he didn’t have Legos as a kid), siding with oppressors, manipulating the truth and speaking out of his ass with a confidence that’s incomparable. He is such a smooth-talking charmer that he’ll have you hating the good guys and just adoring the tyrants.  But hey Satan, since it’s your lucky day and we find ourselves in the new world order, you can have them all. Just take your pick! I sure hope that we don’t get thrown into this conjugal relationship because there ain’t no turning back. It’s difficult to make another way once you have chosen a path and decided to walk it.

close up digitaries famous heads of state

Do you think these guys are bad? What about all of us who turn a deaf hear to the cries of the oppressed? I bring it up and I’m a kill-joy, a party-pooper to the escapades of all you online celebrities. I bet if I tagged you in a meme you’d be all giddy. Keep that shit far away from your mind because it doesn’t affect YOUR world; don’t think about it, because how else are you going to have yourself a good time.  What kind of animals are we if we indulge and have the most luxurious lives while our neighbour tries to sleep on a hungry stomach, digging his hands into his tummy to give himself the false feeling of being satiated? Find this last point hard to understand? Well its kind of what many people do with the clothes they wear, the cars they drive or houses they live in. They try to give themselves a false sense of power and importance. But what if I told you that the clothes you wear, places you go to or the status of people you surround yourself with doesn’t determine your value? What if I told you that the words you speak have more power than that 20-inch bicep or that AK-47? Trust me, words have killed more dreams than aggression ever has. How you decide to utilize that which is between your two lips can make all the difference in this world.

On a global scale, we need to make changes and most definitely change our priorities. Why is it that certain lives are viewed as being more valuable than others? I don’t even have to delve very far into history to show you the inequities in our world today. Since the outbreak of this virus, which has tightened its grip on the world, every death comes up on the radar and the whole world knows about global death tolls as and when it happens. One European death is catastrophic while we have people in Yemen, Central African Republic, Syria, South Sudan and Haiti dying by the thousands each year from starvation, war, malnutrition and related illnesses. In 2018, 85 000 people in Yemen died from starvation. We can find oil reserves, build pipelines kilometers long to find its way to its destination but we can’t even make a plan to find food for the starving tummies. We have countries spending billions to buy ventilators for purposes of battling the Covid-19 crisis but can’t spend a mere fraction of that for bags of rice, pap or flour. A hospital-grade ventilator is a costly machine -running between $25,000 and $50,000 each. Would you like to know how much a bag of rice costs? $4 dollars in US and about 0.60$ in India. A ventilator is used to keep a single patient alive and that person may still end up dying from the disease. One bag of rice can possibly sustain a family of 3 for up to a month. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do our level best to help people suffering with the virus, I’m just saying that our priorities are skewed and in situations like the one we are currently experiencing – its easy to see how we value people differently. Don’t even get me started with the world wanting to turn Africa into its guinea pigs/lab rats for the Covid-19 vaccine.

If we can work together to create monumental and larger-than-life advances, why can’t we focus our efforts on initiatives that generations from now will reap the benefits of.  We need to incorporate programs that focuses more on community and bringing people together; Developing a system of worldwide access to free healthcare, which views quality health services as an essential right to all persons and not just those that can afford medical aid or health related schemes; Put more money into education and paying teachers sufficiently, after all, they feed the minds of the youth and they truly are our future. Teaching our children to share, teaching selflessness, inculcating the principles of Ubuntu. Like my beloved prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) said “None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.”

Everyone thinks that they need to be rich, be in some position of power or have a degree in order to influence the world around them. Greatness is not found in the actions of those people doing “big things”, but for me, the most inspiring are the ones who do little things in a big way. You have to live your life with purpose and not simply become a product of your surroundings. You will only find true meaning and value in your life when you can uplift others and benefit humanity. And no, I’m not asking you to be the next mother Teresa, or one of those YouTube influencers that show up at people’s doors to give them money (or an iPad or whatever). That’s just pure rubbish by the way – good people don’t have to advertise what they do because they know that the good lord watches all. Something which I have always loved about my religion and what I find so beautiful is the fact that your intentions are actually the most important thing, more so, than the action itself. Its amazing that you’ll be rewarded in full for truly having an intention in your heart to do an act of good even if you fail (i.e. you will be rewarded as having done it). On the flip side, you can give a billion dollars in charity but if you don’t do it for the right reasons, it comes to nothing. Indeed, the left hand need not know what the right hand does.

time for change sign with led light

We find ourselves in a world that will swallow you whole if you let it. Big corporations, social media “influencers”, celebrities have you chasing unattainable goals and wanting more than you actually need, planting seeds of greed & over-indulgence in your hearts with every swipe, every story and every post. Even the models on Instagram don’t look like the models on Instagram, go figure! Everything we see around us seeks to instill a sense of selfishness, arrogance and pride. All that amounts to nothing when we find ourselves six feet under – and my dear friends, we already have one foot in the grave. So ask yourself, how will you be remembered when you die? “We lost our beloved Sally, but hell, she could SURE do a mean make-up tutorial!!!”. We have women putting on masks on the daily just to be accepted by society, or worse, their own spouses. People have forgotten that imperfection is beauty in itself. Maybe I’m deviating from the topic here but some things just need to be said. Can we also start being more conscious with the way we spend our money?  Not being wasteful, over indulging and worrying more bout what’s in our bank accounts than our happiness. One of my favourite actors and comedian Jim Carrey said, “I hope that everybody could become rich and famous, and will get everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that it’s not the answer”. Bottom line is, the goal is not to live forever…but to create something that will.






Just recently I made a request to friends and strangers alike to find out exactly what it is they would like me to write about or share my thoughts on. There were some interesting suggestions put forward but one topic in particular stood out. Simple, common and relatable to almost everyone, yet playing a vital role in each and everyone of our lives. Even contributing to who we are as people, affecting our views on the world, attitude and overall demeanour. We’ve all had our fair share of mishaps, disappointments and joy when it comes to friendship.


Mayet's World

I am a Street Workout and Calisthenics Athlete, Lawyer and full-time dreamer. Uncovering my world one day at a time through my misunderstood & complex mind. Take this journey with me as I explore the world, while sharing my thoughts and experiences.

The road to enlightenment is not an easy one but one that must be travelled, nonetheless, by anyone in search of something more. In essence, I want what most of us crave…to be a free man amidst the enslaved & inner peace beyond comprehension.

Join me in the dark and beautiful corners of my mind as I try to understand the world we live in, whilst pursuing my passions in an unrelenting and unique way. Saddle up and let’s get this party started. Much awaits.

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Nowhere for you to go, not a morsel to spare.

You tried to heal your sick self, but does anybody care?

Sometimes people hear but don’t listen.

And you just gotta make do with the scraps that you’re given.

Everyone would prefer a quiet little bird, that barely makes a sound.
I guess that’s basically the same as you not being around.

I believe that every man should have his say…..
Coz even a broken clock is right at least twice a day.

Best believe that there’s one that’s always been there.
To listen to you when you’re sick & your soul is in despair.

Maybe we all lost souls looking to make a change.

Clean our dirty hearts and our lives rearrange.

I know you hear me…Even when I don’t say a word.
I just wanna be free …More free than that soaring bird.

Until I meet you, I know I’m never alone.
And that we’ll only truly be happy when we come back home.


And there you were, trying to keep your head up above water whilst this world kept swallowing you in.

Trying to end the world’s slaughter when you were actually dying within.

Hate seeing you forgive the whole world but forgetting about yourself.

A Discarded material, as I see you isolated on that shelf.

You save everyone, but who saves you?

No beacon of hope, no rope to cling to.

They say you are stuck, “just evolve with the times!!”.

Then why is it that you suffer for your father’s crimes?

Seems like everyone is a judge in the world of the decrepit and depraved.

They put you in a box and your mind they enslaved.

Plagued by darkness, blinded by rage.

Anything beats being trapped in that cage.
– Moosa Mayet

Self realisation. Who are we? How did we get here? And who made us so perfect? 

Below is an interesting poetic piece I came across which is both thought provoking and true. It is these very questions that we all have as human beings, an innate urge to find out what our true purpose is. The truth is everywhere around us, if only we can open our eyes and see. Though, to be cured from this blindness we suffer from, our hearts and minds need to be opened first.

“You see, what a life, what a life!

The first period of our life is ignorance

So, I guess we have an excuse to live day by day with no purpose

But surely with age comes intelligence

So, we should reach a stage where we find reason for our existence

As youth, the world was a playground, we’re just tryna have fun

As adults, the world turns to trade and pounds, we’re just tryna earn funds

Victims of our environment, enemies of our government filled with hate and no hope

And those in the states- they can’t cope when those across the road have got loads

The only thing in common is the goals, happiness, everyone just wants to be happy

Living this lifestyle of luxury

But does materials equal success? is she getting the peace from these new shoes and a dress?

And does he really feel complete with a new car and a Rolex?

Or are we searching for happiness in the wrong places?

Instead of looking at hearts were looking at faces

Victims of ignorance, slaves of our desires

We wanna end this world with a smile on our face but don’t live the life that’s required

Are we people of different standards, classes or nations? or are we humble, equal people, children of Adam?

Do you shake the owner of the restaurants hand with the same hand you shake the hand of the man that’s attending the toilets?

Or do you look down on those below you because they got less?

We’re hopeless if we don’t start thinking outside the box

And the one who created this world really deserves a lot

You see we praise the mind that invented the aeroplane

But we forget about the mind that invented the mind

And in time we shall know the truth

And we praise the people that stood for something, that fought for freedom …we love those people

Well if we love those people, why do we still live like animals?

Working all week so we can party on the weekend, working all winter so we can party all summer?

The cycle goes round and round and round but the clocks ticking down and down and down

One can only go round the same roundabout for so long

There comes a stage where you have to choose your exit and find your way home

You see we’re attracted to the wrong things and we cry about the trouble it brings

The more people you make happy the happier you will be

If that’s the case why do we only care about we? “

A New World order: How twisted ideals are shaping our world and conditioning the next generation of sheep

I recently made a trip to Moscow, Russia, to participate in the Street Workout National Championships where I had the honour of representing my country in a sport I’m deeply passionate about. In addition to it being an adventure and learning experience, for a change I found myself having some down time, aloof from the stresses of daily life and the responsibilities back home. I used this time to clear my head, to gain some clarity, to do some self-reflection and , in general, to just question the plight of this spinning sphere we’re standing on. You can easily dismiss yourself from situations and nullify external influences in life but the same doesn’t hold true when it comes to the thoughts that run wild in your head. Try to run, but you can’t run from yourself!

(Pictured above: Taking a tour through Red Square with my trusty backpack)

I often wonder about this world we live in, nothing seems to make sense. Material possessions are held in the highest esteem and, strangely enough, your value is based on what you have rather than your qualities. People have made money their Lord and utilise people as a means to an end. Do the right thing or try to make positive changes, and you will be considered strange, an outcast and often ridiculed by those who don’t understand you. Blend in and portray a superficial image, be fake, be selfish (every man for himself) and nobody bets an eye. This twisted sense of reality is nauseating….celebrating/respecting men who behave more like women and women detesting the very qualities in them that we respected from the beginning of time. The liars are called truthful and the truthful are called liars. Speak the truth, be straightforward and you will be hated because people would rather have you lie to them beautifully. Indeed, a promise is a comfort to a fool. Deception has become the norm and falsehood is the order of the day. Everything we do is motivated by love. Even fear and hate are born of love, so be careful what you love 👌✌ .

(Gorky Park, Moscow City, Russia)

The captivating scenery pictured above is from the well-known Gorky Park which runs along the Moscow river and encompasses a large area of land, containing everything from beautiful flora and pathed forrests to an indoor soccer complex and training facility. All of that aside, it had an overall relaxed atmosphere with positive vibes.

Try as I might, I still couldn’t help but think of the people back home (Johannesburg, South Africa) where many issues seem to plague the country. Poverty is rife and rears its ugly head on every corner, the crime rate is amongst the highest in the world and nobody feels safe , and decent employment and education is but a luxury. And we have a government that would much rather ignore the problems, misappropriate funds, committing daylight robbery against its people by blatantly stealing from the ones who need it most. I guess that’s just a common theme in this world, in life. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It’s always those at the lowest spectrum of society that suffer most. They punish those who ask questions, and those who possess, steal from those without possessions.

“You can easily tell the character of a man by the way he treats those who can do nothing for him”

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with the world as i see it ,or people, for that matter. Well, its simply that people give to receive. They don’t like to “help” if they don’t see any personal gain in it. This is just a common theme with people in your life if you see it on a smaller scale. Their level of respect for you is based on what you can either do for them or their image. In that sense, even the blessings and goodness of charity is lost. It’s frustrating living in a world where people are so self driven and their greed has dehumanized them.

Though the world is filled with so much darkness, best believe that the almighty has blessed people with light in their hearts. There will always be those people who don’t blindly follow the rules that society has set for themselves. The ones who don’t give a Damn about image, the servants of justice, advocates of the truth. The ones who are raw, real, genuine. The ones who say what they mean and mean what they say. Those that are both free from judgement and immune to it at the same time. By being themselves, they unconsciously allow those around them to be too. In this superficial, fake ass world…This may seem impossible but there ARE such people out there. Those are the priceless jewels of life. If you are lucky to find just one of these people in your life, hold onto them because they are products of a dying breed. These are the true soldiers and their mere existence is a rebellion against the New world order!


I am a Street Workout and Calisthenics Athlete, Lawyer and full-time dreamer. Uncovering my world one day at a time through my misunderstood & complex mind. Take this journey with me as I explore the world, while sharing my thoughts and experiences.

The road to enlightenment is not an easy one but one that must be travelled, nonetheless, by anyone in search of something more. In essence, I want what most of us crave…to be a free man amidst the enslaved & inner peace beyond comprehension.

Join me in the dark and beautiful corners of my mind as I try to understand the world we live in, whilst pursuing my passions in an unrelenting and unique way. Saddle up and let’s get this party started. Much awaits.

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